Developed by Don Barton (retired with 30 years experience as a physical education teacher) to teach children to work with basketballs and coordinated movements and to learn routines similar to those that the Harlem Globetrotters perform. The activities are for all children, boys and girls, the gifted athlete and those simply in need of a fun, physical outlet. The program has been active in Bay Village, Ohio for the last 7 years. Hundreds of children have participated in pre game and half time performances at high school and college games, Globetrotters and Cleveland Cavaliers games.

Don BartonThe Bee Bouncer program offers the students the ability to develop lifelong skills in physical and emotional development. The right and left hand dribbling and other activities help a child's brain develop. In addition the public performances before thousands of people helps develop self esteem and confidence.

The non-competitive nature of the Bee Bouncer program helps children by providing an activity with no pressure to win or lose, just the ability to improve.

Call Don Barton with any questions: 440-871-6048.

Performances will soon be scheduled for Bay High School Home Girls and/or Boys basketball games.